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Read What Health Experts Are Saying About Our Products!

Welcome, my name is Nanette. I read an article a while back entitled, "The Power of the 3rd Party Endorsement" that really got me thinking about how reassuring it is when a person refers someone to a new set of products or someone to a new practice, as another example. It helps to reassure the new individual that they are about to embark on a tried and true product or service. Some of our most valued endorsements are the testimonials we receive from our many customers who often go on to share about our products with their physicians which represents the possibility of greater outreach and of course, greater help value as this is our passion.

While we have many health care practitioners, including a number of dermatologists, that recommend our products, taking the time to write an endorsement can become problematic as, let's face it, we are all "short on time". However, when we do receive an endorsement it is always a time when I am thankful as these statements from health field professionals help our viewers and customers, feel a sense of assurance over their decision to purchase our products. Below are a few of those special recommendations we have received:

Mildred Carter, Professional Reflexologist for over 55 years, author of several landmark books and one of the world's leading health experts writes:
Mildred Carter

"Thank you for allowing me to sample your fast working cream. I find it to be VERY THERAPEUTIC to my hands, feet and body as well as a remarkable deep moisturizing facial treatment. The natural ingredients are especially effective.

I love the way they went to work instantly to condition and rehydrate my skin. "My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream" just may be the serious skin remedy along with your other products, that so many people are searching for!"

Dr. Maile Pouls, Nutritional Consultant shares:
Dr. Maile Pouls

"I have been using Aim 2 Health SKIN REMEDIES products for over two years and I have never before found any formulas more therapeutic, effective, gentle and totally organic. I have also referred many of my clients to purchase their products. It is my pleasure to endorse such a valuable company".

Tammy Weber

Tammy Weber, Certified Reflexologist for over 35 years and who has taught several hundred students the healing art of reflexology writes:

"I really love the thick and creamy herbal formula in "My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream", and noticed results VERY QUICKLY. The ingredients are fast acting and seem to repair the skin on contact. I also love the convenient, easy-to-use tube instead of a jar. It is my "SKIN REPAIR CREAM IN A TUBE" and is handy to take along to work and when traveling.You did a good thing and put together an incredible cream!

Shirley Small

Shirley Small, Health Sciences Professional and Educator says:

"My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream" is truly a skin health promoting cream that brings moisture where most needed to help heal skin problems quickly. I have used it to help heal severely dry skin, wounds and have even used it on my face to smooth out the wrinkles and prevent others from forming. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an exceptional cream well worth the purchase."

Dr. Gabrielle Duebendorfer

Dr. Gabrielle Duebendorfer, Naturopathic Physician shares:

"The Double Strength TheraCream has been by far the best re-hydrating cream I have used in my practice. Other urea creams were either too low in urea or had petroleum bases. The Shea Butter base and herbal additions make for a very soothing absorptive cream. I have found it very effective in dry eczema and feet that get so hard that you have shave off the callouses."

Please Note: Disclaimer - These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. The information, products, answers to viewer questions as well as comments and testimonials from viewers are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.