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Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry Scalp & More! 


"I've tried every hand and body lotion on the market to help my scaling, cracked hands.  Many times I would have to wear bandaids on almost every finger because the psoriasis would get so bad. My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream is such a fantastic urea skin cream that has helped my hands quickly and effectively.......and I mean in just 4 to 5 days quick!  This has been the best psoriasis skin treatment and my hands haven't looked or felt this good in four years".  C.G. from Aurora, IL-
"My 12 year old son broke out in a terrible rash that wouldn't go away.  He scratched his rash constantly and was so uncomfortable.  We used My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream as well as the Double Strength TheraCream on his arms and the rash cleared up in a few short days........what a relief!  We took our before picture at night and the after picture in the morning and was amazed at how quickly it worked."  N.W. from Chicago, IL


"My wife is an RN in the local Hospital. Due to the extreme number of times per shift she has to wash her hands, her skin becomes extremely dry, and cracks open at the slightest motion. She has tried everything from A to Z to get some relief.  She even consulted the dermatologist at the hospital, to no avail.
But a real motivator is when your wife stands at the kitchen sink crying as she peels potatoes for dinner. That was too much for me. I got busy on line to learn what causes dry skin and then searched for things that might offer relief.
Nearly everything on the market either has petroleum products, or simply doesn't work. I purchased the first tube of
My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream, and within two days the wife was seeing relief. Within the week, her cracked skin healed, and the dryness has disappeared. She now has skin so soft, I actually enjoy her touch once more. And that's a blessing in itself. After-all, who wants a wire brush run across their neck?
After the result of the first tube, I ordered two more tubes of this product, and this morning I ordered another three. That is the proof of a products performance.  Yours truly, Allan Swager"  Butler, PA
"My good friend Nanette told me about the cream she was using on her "zits"  that really worked so I tried it.  It got rid of my acne really fast!  I had tried Proactiv Solution and Stridex along with some other products that just didn't work.  Now I use My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream on my skin whenever I see any zits starting and then they're gone!"  C.P. 13 years old & N.W. 14 years old  Naperville, IL
"I am using ALL of your products and I am so very pleased with every one of them!  When I use the Herbal Shampoo Treatment my dandruff is GONE and my hair is so enriched that it looks as if I just stepped out of the beaty shop. I've received several compliments since I started using your shampoo. The Double Strength TheraCream makes the severely dry areas on my body soft and smooth again.With the Face & Neck TheraCream I've noticed the difference in the clearness and softness of my face and the roscea is now gone.  And I take My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream EVERYWHERE to keep my skin healthy!  Thanks so much!!"  C.B., Dayton, OH
"What can I say?  I love your cream I have two small children that have eczema like myself and so far My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream has been the only cream to alleviate our symptoms It's so much better than the over the counter products I had tried (which actually ended up drying my skin) as well as a prescription cream that my dermatologist prescribed which I was afraid was thinning my skin.  I am really pleased with my purchase and I really appreciate the information on your website." C.P., Hewitt, NJ

I was recently searching the web for treatments for Psoriasis. I came across your web page and thought that I would contact you. I am a 21 year old girl who has suffered with this horrid disorder my entire life. During the summer I miss swimming with my 1 year old daughter because I don't want to be gawked at. The psoriasis covers over 30% of my body ranging from my head, legs, arms, stomach, back, scalp and even my "lady" area. I wear sweat shirts and jeans on a day that is 101 degrees because of my problem.  I would like to sit down or squat down to talk to my daughter with-out my knees splitting in half and bleeding. It is killing me. I want to be able to smile again and have some confidence. I received  My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and it is working wonders!! I really appreciate your help and I do believe that I will be a customer for life!  Thank you with all my heart,  Stacie A. Bellevue, KY

ďAmanda is 10 years old with severe ichthyosis.  She suffers from thick, hardened, cracked and red skin from the top of her head to the bottom of her soles.  My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream is the first product to ever make such an improvement in her skin in such a short amount of time.  The skin on her knees is healing to where she can now bend them and she can actually close her eyes now and almost extend her arms out all the way.  This is real progress for her and we thank you sincerely from all of her family.Ē L. Bliss  Lexington, SC

ďMy sister has been suffering with eczema on her hands for years.  She has spent so much money on various formulas and prescriptions and still she had the eczema.  I had tried My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream on my own skin problem and had gotten quick relief so I gave her an extra tube I had.  In one week, my sister's eczema was healed.  Thank you for a product that truly works.Ē  G.B. Elgin, IL

"While in the hospital, I had  a bad I.V. problem that left me with huge blisters on my arm that ruptured.  The nurse put silvadene and gauze over it but I was nothing bettered.  As soon as I got home, I reached for my tube of My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream right away and overnight the red oozing sores on my arm were gone!  Also, whenever my wife's hands begin to crack and hurt, she quickly reaches for My Daughter's Moisturizing Cream and within a half hour, the dry skin pain is gone."  A. Swager Butler, PA

"My 15 year old son had a very itchy, flaky scalp and nothing I bought him seemed to help.  He would often scratch his scalp until there was blood under his nails.  A friend of mine recommended your Herbal Shampoo Treatment so I bought some.  Well, within 1 week his problem was gone.  No more itching and flaking and its the only shampoo we plan on giving him to use......thanks from a relieved mom."  Jane M.  Elgin, IL

I had a severe dry, scabby patch all over the left side of my scalp for years.  I tried your Herbal Shampoo Treatment only after spending hundreds of wasted dollars on doctors and prescriptions.  Well, it worked!  Within a couple of weeks it was totally gone.  Your shampoo really worked for my scalp problem!  G.B. Elgin, IL

"I work as a flag man for 8 hours a day in the hot sun and wear a protective hard hat for most of that time.  My scalp would sweat and itch all day with no relief from any of the shampoos I had tried.  Then I used your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and the itching is now gone and I can concentrate on my job......thank you for a really great shampoo that works!" Anthony M. Indianapolis, IN

"My family and I took a summer beach vacation.  On one of the days I fell asleep in the sun and got terribly sunburned on my legs.    I remembered that mom had packed a tube of My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and I quickly applied it day and night until the redness and tenderness was gone.  I was able to get back on the beach and enjoy the rest of our vacation together." C.W., Chicago, IL
sunburn skin
"I had dry patches of skin that wouldn't go away.  Then I tried My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and the patches of dry skin not only went away but my skin now feels like a baby's bottom.....this cream is incredible!"  H.S. from Oregon, WI
"Hi. I ordered My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream to use on a rash I got from a chemical - it had raised red bumps and was very itchy. I got my order and used it last night and what a relief - no itching and the red is going.  I am very pleased with your cream and I thank you - I will pass it on to my granddaughter who has itchy dry skin. Glad I found you!"  Frances Noreen, Cut Bank MT
"I run 2 to 3 miles a day and noticed a rash developing on the inside of my thighs that got progressively worse.  For 6 weeks I tried just about everything on the market to help my itchy, stinging rash.  I used sprays, powders, creams and ointments and nothing helped!  Then my wife suggested I try My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and I applied it to my rash at night.  By morning my rash was 50% better........just like that! My rash is all gone now and I just had to thank you for this amazing product."  G.B., Elgin IL
"My brother had fallen from the top of the roof while fixing it and had to be hospitalized for a while.  The pain killers they gave him ended up giving him weeping sores on his face that would not go away.  I gave him a tube of My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and within a week the sores on his face were healing up and nearly gone!  I am truly thankful for a fast working cream like yours that helped my brother's painful facial problem."  B.B., Dayton, OH
"As a painter, my hands are constantly in solvents such as laquer thinner, paint thinner and acetone.  I started to apply a good coat of My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream on my hands before I went to work in the morning and boy was I surprised!  The paint on my hands came off easily with just water and my hands are now in great condition thanks to the protective barrier this cream provides."
"I have been using your Face & Neck TheraCream now for 3 months and I absolutely LOVE it!  My skin tone has really evened out and my skin is now soft, smooth and supple.  I am 45 years old and without make-up I am getting compliments on my skin!"  Sheila T., Bloomingdale, IL
"Ever since I could remember, my mother's hands had always been cracked and dry.  For years she searched for a hand cream that would do away with her problem skin and tried product after product.  I had tried My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream myself and loved it, so I sent mom a tube for her to try.  Within a few days the skin on her hands was finally repairing and beginning to look "normal" for the first time in so many years!" L.M., Charlotte, NC
"For years I had an unexplained and rather large dry patch on my foot that really HURT.  I applied Double Strength TheraCream to it morning and night and it WORKED!  There's just not enough I can say about this incredible cream except that I'm telling all of my family and friends about a product that does what it says it can do!!" R.B.,Fairborn, OH
"I just love what My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream has done for my hands, dry cuticles and brittle nails!  They used to split, crack and bleed no matter what I did.  With my job, it's important to look my best and with this great urea skin cream there's no more embarrassing looking nails and hands for me!  I've even recommended it to my co-workers in need of an eczema skin treatment and psoriasis skin treatment."  Colleen B., Centerville, OH
I have never been able to use hand lotions because of allergies to ingredients in them, even products  that were advertised as all natural or fragrance free. Until I found Aim 2 Health Skin Solutions I had to often use petroleum jelly and only after work when I could keep my hands completely idle.
Not only is My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream all natural and fragrance free but it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy feel which makes it ideal for using at work.
I did discover a surprising extra benefit from using the lotion that I want to share.. After using the lotion I noticed that the dark age spots that were forming on the back of my hands were becoming noticeably lighter. 
Thank you for making this product available. John H. Gill, Aurora, IL 

For years Chicago winters meant flaking and terribly itchy skin on my face, legs and hands.  Worse yet was when my fingertips would get so dried out that the skin would actually crack open and bleed; this would trouble me throughout the entire season.  But since I started using Aim2Healthís line of skin care products, Iím thrilled to say those problems are history.  I particularly like My Daughterís Hand and Body Cream.  I love the fact that itís long lasting and not at all greasy like other products Iíve tried.  I use it regularly on my hands, arms, and legs and the results are fantastic.  No more flakes, dried out patches, or cracked fingertips.  I canít tell you how much money Iíve wasted over the years trying other skin care products that ended up getting tossed either because they simply didnít work or they irritated my sensitive skin.  No more.  Iíve found skin care products that really work for me - I am now a regular Aim2Health customer.  I canít help but tell family, friends, and co-workers about these wonderful products.  K.M., Elgin, IL

During the cold and dry winter months I suffered from painfully dry and cracked hands.  I happen to work in healthcare, so I frequently have to wash my hands, making the problem even worse.  My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream was a godsend to me because not only did it make my sore, chapped, and sometimes bleeding skin soft and smooth, it wasnít perfume-y and it didnít leave my skin feeling greasy!  Even more amazing to me was how well this cream worked on my belly when I was pregnant.  First, it relieved my itchy skin as it stretched and expanded.  Secondly (and more importantly) I never got a single stretch mark!!  Considering I only gained my weight in the second half of my pregnancy (30 pounds in such a short period of time!), this cream is truly unbelievable. After my baby was born, her diapers chafed and irritated the sensitive skin on her inner thighs.  I used the cream on her, and the redness went away within a day.  I refuse to use any of the other baby lotions on her skin because this one is so gentle, itís unscented, and it just works so well. 

 This is the best cream I have ever used.  I wonít ever buy any other!  JoAnne S., Huntley, IL

Even though my hands are painfully dry and cracked to the point of bleeding during the winter months, I hated putting lotion on them because I donít like how they smell and make my hands feel greasy and sticky.  My wife encouraged me put My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream on my hands one day when she noticed that they were bloody from being so chapped.  By the next morning my hands were smoother and softer, and it didnít hurt to move my fingers!  Even better was that this cream doesnít smell strongly or make my hands feel greasy!  Also, Iím on my feet all day at work, and my shoes began to chafe the skin on the top of my feet.  They got so dry and calloused that my feet bled.  I couldnít even fully bend my toes and it hurt to walk.  The callouses got so thick and hard that I didnít think they would go away.  I started using the cream and to my surprise, within a week the hard, dry skin sloughed off and the new skin that replaced it was soft and normal. 

 Iím not big on skin lotions, but Iím really thankful for My Daughterís Moisturizing Cream!  Itís great! Joe S., Huntley, IL

I donít remember just when it started, but for many years I suffered with scaly red patches on my scalp that would just seem to appear overnight.  Theyíd eventually clear up and go away, but then so would my hair.  That was the repeated pattern, the red patches on my scalp followed by hair loss in that area.


A few months ago my wife brought home a bottle of Aim 2 Healthís Herbal Shampoo Treatment.  I tried it.  I had used other products for this problem over the years and nothing ever worked.  But today my scalp feels so clean and healthy.  And - I donít get those scaly red patches any more.  Itís great to finally find a product that works so well.  Dave M., Elgin, IL

For years I had problems with extremely dry skin on my hands.  They were dry all year round but got worse in the winter.  When I turned 40 my hands started to get even drier developing cracks and cuts on my hands and fingers.  I would put lotion on it to no avail.  I talked with Doctors, pharmacists, family, and friends looking for an answer but nothing worked.  One doctor recommended wearing cotton gloves over my hands after I slathered on petroleum jelly.  That also did not work.    But after a while  I was wearing band aids on all my fingers.  
 It got to the point that my hands hurt all the time.  The cuts and splits on my hands were getting worse.  And I didn't know where to turn for an answer.
Then I found Aim 2 Health Skin Solutions.  After using My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream, within one week my hands were healed.  They were no longer cracked and sore.  They were soft and healthy looking.  I was totally amazed.    I was extremely thankful for such a fast working and effective product.  I've also used the Face and Neck TheraCream for my Rosecea and it feels great on the face.
I love The Aim 2 Health Dry and Skin and Scalp Products. I plan on using  and recommending them on a regular basis.  They have worked wonders for me.  Carolyn G., Aurora, IL

These Are Testimonials From Our Chicago Store Locations

Four years ago, I began having mysterious skin problems. I experienced raised bumps on my body that eventually became  infected. I had red, painful, and split skin at the site of the infections. During the last four years, I have gone to 4 physicians that had no idea what I had. One told me it was "old age." I used all of the topical ointments that they prescribed. I also was prescribed an Antibiotic. Nothing worked.  On December 31, 2006 I went shopping at a local mall and spoke to your salespeople. I showed them my skin and they recommended the Double Strength TheraCream. I began to notice that my sores started to heal within a week. I am now out of the product and just ordered another jar. My sores are almost completely healed. I am so thankful that I gave your product a try. Your salespeople were friendly and knowledgeable. You have a lifetime customer!


I stopped at your Kiosk several days before Christmas and was talking to your representative about the dark spots on my hands and asked if she had any product that would get rid of the spots. I had tried several other products elsewhere but to no avail. She told me that My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream would help get rid of them, so of course, I bought a tube. To my surprise, most of the spots are gone and the ones that are left are so faint that they could barely be seen. My problem is... I am almost out of the creamÖÖÖ.. OH NO!!!!  Do you have My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream at any other malls or stores? I don't think I could wait to order!  Thank you,  Marilyn C.

I just love the My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and the Double Strength TheraCream!  So far your products have been the only thing that works for the rash on my hands.

I have been going to dermatologists for 15 years now and have spent countless dollars on prescription creams such as hydrocortizone and steroids that could NOT help the heavy eczema I have all over my knees and elbows.  My wife bought a jar of your Double Strength TheraCream and within 3 weeks I am seeing astonishing results!  My elbows are now 80% healed and my knees are 50% healed and I am back to purchase more of your incredible cream.  I am happily shocked at the fast and effective results your products are giving me!  Thank you! 
I have had psoriasis on my scalp for a year now and nothing I have tried has helped.  All the different products I have used have actually dried out my scalp and hair to the point of breaking and damaging my hair not to mention not even helping my psoriasis.  I then came across your store and purchased your Herbal Shampoo Treatment for the psoriasis on my scalp.  WOW!  In just a few days, my scalp was beginning to heal and one other thing I didn't tell your salesperson was that I also had psoriasis just behind my left ear.  Well, your Herbal Shampoo Treatment healed that up too!!  I just had to come back and purchase some more of your wonderful products and they're so natural and pure just like I prefer.

My husband has psoriasis and the sales lady in Chicago told me this product would help.  My husband was on 3 different kinds of medicine and none of them worked as good as your product.  He does not itch anymore and they are starting to get less and less visible each day.  Your product is really helping him!  Thank you so much!  Pat

Your Double Strength Theracream prevented scratching on mosquito bites from a party I attended over the weekend.  I was swarmed, and the only thing that kept me from scratching was coating my bites with the Double Strength Theracream.  It's a godsend I swear......thank you!  L.K.

I just keep looking at my hands in almost unbelief at how quickly your products, My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream and Double Strength TheraCream have healed them!  In just 5 days my hands were 90% healed.  Nothing else I have ever tried has done so much in so little time.  My wife insisted I buy her some as well.....imagine that, the wife wanting her husband's cream!  That's because your products work and now they are all we will both ever use.
Daniel and Wife
I walked up to the sales person at your store and showed her my hands and how healed up from the psoriasis they were due to your wonderful products.  Your Double Strength TheraCream and the My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream did it!!  I just grabbed two more of each and said, "Ring me up....I have to have more"!  I know a great product when it does what it says it can do and yours does.....thank you so much!
I rushed over to your store to tell you how My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream was quickly healing the eczema that I and my little girl both had.  It was the first time we had ever gotten any relief from any of the other products and prescriptions we had ever tried.  I immediately bought 4 more tubes to make sure we did not run out of such an incredible cream.
Karen and Ashley

I went to yet another visit to my dermatologist recently because the medication he prescribed just wasn't working.  Well, to my surprise he told me that he had several patients in prior to me who had showed him what great things the Aim 2 Health SKIN SOLUTIONS products had done in clearing up their skin conditions.  He said to me, "Mary, I would recommend you contact this Aim 2 Health company and try their products.  I can't help you anymore and if their products can help my other patients, I'm sure it can help you too."  WOW....was I taken aback to hear him say that.  I called your company and I have been thrilled ever since!  Mary

My face skin was so dry and red that your representative at the mall directed me to your Face & Neck TheraCream.  I told her that I was visiting from Ireland and would let her know if your cream helped.  I LOVE THE CREAM and I use it 2 times a day.  I would like 4 more jars and will be having my son bring it to me when he visits me in Ireland next month.  I appreciate fine products like yours and I thank you for your kindness.  My best to you always, Teresa

                                                                                                                                                    I just had to write and tell you how My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream saved the day!
My daughter wedding was set for October 20th in Davenport, Iowa.  My husband and I stayed at the hotel where the wedding and reception took place.  While getting ready I must have been bitten by some insect on the upper arm, possibly a spider.  My arm started itching and itching; it was then that I noticed a deep, sizable bruise on my upper arm where a bright red rash was quickly spreading.  With the wedding just an hour and a half away, I knew I had to address the problem quickly with no time to spare.  I grabbed the tube of My Daughter's Hand & Body Cream that I'd packed for the trip and spread it over the entire area.  The itching stopped immediately and within just a few minutes the red rash was completely gone. Bless your heart! Thanks so much for making such a great, fast-acting product.  It truly saved the day! Kathy "Mother-of-the-Bride" McDaniel

I just bought more shampoo last night at the mall from your stand and I LOVE IT!!  It really works for me and my hair is benefiting too.  Can't wait for the conditioner!!  Stacey

Recently I purchased your largest budget pack of products.  The main product I am most thrilled about is the Face & Neck TheraCream.  Well, that and the Double Strength TheraCream for my legs but don't even get me started because I cannot pick just one and I'll never give them up EVER, so please don't ever go out of business because my skin would miss your product! 

I have since shared some of your other products with my family members.  I have a very large family.  The face cream however is mine and I will not give it up.  Most of my family have very bad acne, pock marked skin, or general problem areas with their face.  In the short amount of time they have used the Face & Body Wash and the All Natural Lip Balm they cannot do without it. The Herbal Shampoo Treatment is also highly coveted and I know they'll be ordering from your website. 

I am a loyal consumer and I stick with quality products that work for me.  Your products enrich my life and give me peace of mind!  I cannot even tell you how in love with them I am.  I brag about them daily and tell everyone I know. Thank you so much!  Lucy

I'm very interested in your new products.  I suffer from psoriasis and have found your products amazing.

Per your advice - I have placed an online order.  Thanks again,  Kelley
Just wondered if your products are available at any stores in Canada? I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and bought a couple of your products and love them!  I would like to buy them here if possible.
Please let me know,  Lara

I'm undergoing very aggressive chemo for the cancer in my lymphatic system and my skin was literally drying up and falling off.  It got so bad that I couldn't touch anything and had to wear very baggy clothing.  Someone referred me to your company and I have to tell you that your products are the only thing that has helped my skin to actually "feel good"  during and in between my sessions.  Thank you for making this part of my life do-able......your products have been a life saver to me. Peggy

I am sorry I do not have a picture.  I have suffered with major skin breakouts since 1996.  My legs, knees, elbows, hands, wrists had the worst of flaking skin and soars.  Before that it was relatively minor.  I have tried every kind of lotion, skin cream, coal tar, foods...that I thought might help my psoriasis.  On July 6, 2007, I was walking in Woodfield Mall and came upon your stand and thought, "What have I got to lose?".

I'll be honest and admit that I do not use your products as many times a week as I could.  However, my skin is remarkably clearer than it has been in many years.  And it feels so good.  I cannot believe what your products have done for me in so little time.  And I do not worry about any side effects.  I feel better about myself, because people aren't constantly looking at me with pity and saying, "that looks like it hurts."  It also itched terribly; and forget wearing shorts in hot weather.
I just want you to know that you have helped me beyond my wildest dreams.  Thank you so much.  Should I happen to locate a picture, I will definitely keep you in mind.  But, being so conscious about how I looked, I would always wear clothes that covered my broken skin.  When it affected my hands and face, I was ready to hide in my house.  The purpose of this email is just to let you know how much you have helped me.
Thank you.  Karen

I would just like to say that My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream I bought from you is helping my hand heal much faster and nicer since I scraped it on a filing cabinet.  And I still love your shampoo!!   Thank you. Daniele

I am a cancer patient and have tried many creams on my hands and feet to help soothe the negative effects of a new chemo treatment.  I have found yours and only your creams to be of great help.  I am thankful for your products being free of petroleum and mineral oils which only retain body heat and make the burning worse. Your products are awesome!  I am sincerely grateful.  You are welcome to share my testimony on your website - I would like to share this with so many who may be in the same predicament that I'm experiencing. Margaret
                                                                                                                                                    I do love your body wash and I am totally switching over to your shampoo, face cleansers and creams. Your creams have been my saving grace this winter.   I even bought several for my family, friends, and a business associate. My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream works wonders!  It is the only thing that has worked for me in years. I will continue to purchase it. I love the shampoo too, so does my husband! Thanks, Barb

Just an update to receiving your products a few weeks ago, I usually don't do this but

I have been using the gentle and pure Body Wash and also My Daughters' Hand and Body
Cream and it's the best stuff I've found.  I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars
looking for something that really works and your products work!  I love the body wash
especially due to no odor and the moisturizing effect.  The hand and body cream I use every night .......these are fantastic products.  Sincerely JoAnne


I just can't thank you enough!!  Your products truly help me so much with my feet and palms of my hands from the severe reactions I was getting from a chemotherapy called Xeloda! ...what a miracle! My doctors and nurses can't believe how this lotion is working.  You are the best.  I received a sample of your lip  balm, thank you.   I love your product. Thank you very much! M.K.

I have eczema, of all places, in the space under my nose and above my lip so when my skin isn't flaking and cracked, it's dark and looks, in my opinion, like a mustache. Your product has healed it almost completely, as well as improved the eczema on my hands and stomach. Thank you SOOOOOO much :) Customer-for-life,  Alyssa

I just love your products. I suffer with Rosacea and the face cream is very gentle and yet very effective as far as a moisturizer.  My husband loves the hand & body cream.  Thank You. Jean


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