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Thank you so much!!! All of your products are amazing!! I wanted to share with you how quickly your My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream worked on my son's facial eczema. These photos were taken only 5 days apart! I am amazed how quickly this natural product works. I have used it on my dry, cracked hands before going to bed and I wake up with smooth, soft skin! I have never used a product that works so well. Thank you again! Elisha Flock


Hello Nanette: I want to thank you for developing such great products. I suffered from Seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp and face and then discovered your products. I had previously tried everything possible that was recommended on the internet: using no oils, no soaps, washing with salt water, epsom salts- the list is endless. All they did was make my already dry and sensitive skin even worse. I also suffer from hair loss and itchy scalp. When I started using your All Over Face & Body Wash and Face & Neck TheraCream within days the scaling and redness on my skin had significantly decreased and now it is completely gone. My skin feels nourished and hydrated. Your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and Double Strength TheraCream instantly relieved my scalp. Thank you. M.A., Sweden


Dear Nanette, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Pemphigus Vulgaris. I had extensive mouth, scalp, nose, throat and skin ulcers and blisters. I had serious allergies to topical medications prescribed and the condition worsened. I started using your Double Strength TheraCream at night along with your Herbal Treatment Shampoo and my scalp began healing and is now nearly all healed up! I am continuing to use Double Strength TheraCream on my body as well to help heal and fade the skin damaged by ulcers. I am so grateful to have effective products like yours for healing! L.M., CA, USA

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I have never come across such amazing products that really and truly WORK!  And I love how all natural they are and I tell all of my family and friends about how my skin is now in the best condition ever!!  Many thanks!  Kathy V., PA 

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I LOVE these serums and creams and apply them every night.  I've tried so many very costly products that are on the market and these are by far the best and give me noticeable results.  Denise H., N.J.

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When I saw that Aim 2 Health carried Gift Sets I was ecstatic!  Finally my struggling gift giving days are over.  Now when a birthday or holiday comes around I simply choose one of these amazing gift sets and so far EVERYONE has loved them!  
Sarah J., OH

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My name is Nanette, Certified Master Herbalist and I'm here to tell you that I care about you and I care about you getting the results you need.

Over 15 years ago my own daughter developed eczema on her hands and nothing I tried worked. Watching her suffer with this condition and finding nothing to help her was extremely frustrating for me as a mom. I then decided to use my knowledge of herbs and nutrients into compiling the very best ingredients I could find and blended them together.

I applied my cream to her hands and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Within 3 days her hands were completely better. What a relief!

From that point on I decided to make helping all those suffering with skin issues my ongoing passion and mission.

Since helping 1000's of people world wide, I am confident my products can help you too.

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