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Anti Aging Skin Care Demands Health Building Ingredients!

Anti Aging Ingredients Need To Be Natural
Who isn't looking for an anti aging skin care treatment these days? We've all heard the term "Anti Aging" but to me it refers so much more to replenishing and restoring healthy, vibrant skin! You see, as we age skin becomes more vulnerable as it loses its ability to remain healthy and elastic. Hydration, the water content in the skin, is an important factor in both the appearance and the barrier function of the skin as is diet and life style. Factors such as: too much sun exposure (which can lead to age spots), excessive sugar intake, worrying and a high-pressure lifestyle can also damage your dermis. The stress hormone cortisol literally gets under your skin. All of these factors can lead to dryness, wrinkles, brittle and sagging skin. Your collagen and elastin have now become damaged! Further, using Alpha Hydroxy, Retin-A and Estrogen creams to allegedly reverse or counter the aging process can leave your skin in worse condition than before and here's why: these products rely on a chemical type of exfoliation that actually peels off the outer layer of the skin thereby thinning out the skin and making it appear red, flaky and shiny......clearly NOT what you want!In addition to this, constant application of these damaging creams end up stripping off the protective keratin layer that covers the skin causing fluid loss thereby increasing wrinkling and making your highly sensitive to the sunlight.