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We love sharing testimonials that our customers from around the globe send in to us! We hope you find them encouraging and valuable as well!

Dry Cracked Feet Before & After

Here are my husband's pictures.....the pictures speak for themselves!! My husband usually can take better pictures but he did not have his camera available (only his cell) the day he needed to take the picture and he urgently needed to use your Double Strength TheraCream. As you can see, the change is stunning....thank you so much!! Janine I., Puerto Rico

Cracked Diabetic Feet Before & After

I have diabetes and I am on my feet constantly at work. Due to my condition and standing all the time, the skin on my feet and heels would dry and crack so extensively that, at times I would get sores that were gaping and seeping and would never heal. I was constantly in fear of getting an infection that I'm ashamed to say it but I would tape the skin together before going to work in the morning. I tried your All Over Face & Body Wash and Double Strength TheraCream you recommended for diabetes foot conditions and I am so thankful with the results. My skin is healthy again and I've thrown away the tape! B.T., Newark, N.J.

Itchy Rash On Feet Before & After

For years my feet would itch like crazy and I just learned to live with it. Then, I started to develop dry patches all over my feet and these would not only itch, but split open and bleed. I found it almost impossible to put shoes on and go to work. That's when I met with you and immediately began following your recommendations and used your All Over Face & Body Wash followed by an application of yourDouble Strength TheraCream. I was shocked at how fast these products worked and thankful too!! Within a weeks time I was back in my shoes with restored skin on my feet. God bless you! Mark S., Pensacola, FL