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We love sharing testimonials that our customers from around the globe send in to us! We hope you find them encouraging and valuable as well!

Hand Rash Before & After Pictures

Dear Nanette, Your product worked AMAZINGLY for my itchy inflamed rash that I sometimes get on my hands, lower legs & back. Within a few days of application, the rash disappears. Thanks for making such a wonderful product! Margaret P., S
an Diego, CA

Hand Contact Dermatitis Before & After Pictures

Hello! I'm a nurse at a children's hospital in the ER and wash my hands all the time. Last winter, I started developing contact dermatitis. It got worse and worse and no products that I was using worked. I found out about your products from my aunt and bought the double theracream. It's amazing! I've started breaking out again (I had run out of the cream), ordered more and after only four days my hand already looks better. All the best, Katie Farrell

Dry Cracked Hands Before & After Pictures

I wanted to share before and after pictures of the palm of my hand. I have been suffering from severe itching and deep cracks since the pregnancy of my second son for 6 years. The first picture shows deep cracks in the center of the palm. The side of my hand which is difficult to see had water blisters. After 2-3 weeks my hand showed much improvement and the itching was much improved! Today, 6 weeks later the after picture shows tremendous improvement from the last six years! At 2-3 weeks, I also ordered your Green Powerhouse to assist my body internally. I am thrilled I found your products and I am no longer embarrassed about my hand. My sincere gratitude, Erika G.

My wife is an RN in the local Hospital. Due to the extreme number of times per shift she has to wash her hands, her skin becomes extremely dry, and cracks open at the slightest motion. She has tried everything from A to Z to get some relief. She even consulted the dermatologist at the hospital, to no avail. But a real motivator is when your wife stands at the kitchen sink crying as she peels potatoes for dinner. That was too much for me. I got busy on line to learn what causes dry skin and then searched for things that might offer relief. Nearly everything on the market either has petroleum products, or simply doesn't work. Then I found your recommended products. Within two days my wife was seeing relief. Within the week, her cracked skin healed, and the dryness had disappeared. She now has skin so soft, I actually enjoy her touch once more - what a blessing!Yours truly, A.S., Butler, PA