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Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis Before & After

I have facial seborrheic dermatitis with acne and overlapping mild rosacea. I had the worst breakout this winter that I have ever had. Everything that was part of my normal skin care routine was just aggravating my skin and making the breakout worse. Your Face & Neck TheraCream urea cream is amazing. When I notice that my skin starts to even mildly flare up or get dry/red spots I immediately use this cream twice a day and within 24 hours my skin is completely back to baseline and calm. This is now my "go to" cream immediately when my skin starts acting up. My desperate google search led me to this website and I couldn't be more thankful. Christina M. Heidenberger, PA-C, MPAS

Infant Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis Before

Infant Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis After

Hello Nanette: This e-mail is to let you know how pleased we are with your products!! When our youngest daughter was six weeks old, she developed what we thought was baby acne on her face. Over the next couple of weeks, it progressed to cover her entire face and scalp and move down her neck, chest, shoulders, and upper back. It caused her obvious discomfort; she rubbed her hands on her face constantly. I finally took her to the pediatrician to have a look after a nurse friend suggested it looked more severe than baby acne. She was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, and we were told to slather her in petroleum jelly and be prepared for it to last for months. We followed the pediatrician’s advice with no improvement. If anything, we thought the rash and irritation might be worsening. I found your company doing a desperate internet search. Several mothers had mentioned that your body wash and lotion was the only thing that helped their babies. We ordered your All Over Face and Body Wash and your Face and Neck Theracream. It took ONE DAY of using your products to see an immediate and lasting improvement in our baby’s skin. The difference in 1-2 days was absolutely incredible. The rash was completely gone within five days and never returned. Now, any time our baby has any skin irritation of any sort, we use your products and see immediate effects. I have recommended your products to several friends with various skin conditions as well as to our children’s pediatrician. We could not be happier with your products. It feels terrible when you cannot relieve your infant child’s discomfort, and your products were as much a remedy for this worried and stressed mama as they were for my sweet baby’s beautiful face. Thank you, thank you. Best, Hayley

Here are my before and after pics . As you can see the face wash was a miracle worker for my horribly itchy and red inflamed skin. Even Dermatologist recommendations, creams and injections in my eyelid, (very painful!), did not help. It was not until I discovered your Face and Body Wash followed up with the Face and Neck TheraCream that my skin recovered. These products literally turned my life around. I will use them rest of my life every day! Lawrie, USA

Bumps With Redness & Swelling On The Nose Before & After

Hi Nanette,
Thank you for your amazing products!!I've had bumps on my skin across my nose and the bridge with redness and swelling. The rash was very itchy. My doctor recommended using cortisone cream and I reluctantly tried a few applications of the cortisone cream but it did nothing. I also tried natural oils and lotions, but nothing I used helped. As soon as I applied your
Face & Neck TheraCream I literally felt it working immediately, and within 4 days the rash was almost completely gone. I also had a nasty insect bite on my ankle that was very itchy and swollen and applied some Face & Neck TheraCream and totally forgot about the bite because it totally disappeared after one application. I wish I would have had your cream for all the years I suffered from eczema on my hands. I will recommend your products to anyone I encounter needing help with a skin condition. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue. I always want to keep your cream on hand for my very reactive skin. You were an answer to my prayers. Gratefully, Sandra

Baby's Facial Eczema Before & After

Thank you so much!!! All of your products are amazing!! I wanted to share with you how quickly your My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream worked on my son's facial eczema. These photos were taken only 5 days apart! I am amazed how quickly this natural product works. I have used it on my dry, cracked hands before going to bed and I wake up with smooth, soft skin! I have never used a product that works so well. Thank you again! Elisha Flock

Baby Itchy Facial Rash Before & After

3 weeks ago I couldn't even bring my brand new baby girl outside without her having an itchy and painful severe allergic reaction. The doctors didn't know what it was so they told me to put hydrocortisone on her face every day. Put a Steroid on my NEW baby's face EVERY time we go outside! Absolutely NOT!! I researched for 48 hrs straight til I found a natural wash, the All Over Face & Body Wash and cream called Face & Neck TheraCream that had worked miracles for other people with similar reactions. I ordered both and after 3 uses we have been outside all day every day for 3 days straight with NO reaction. These products worked after one use.......after ONE use I could bring her out without a reaction when previously her face would blister from being outside for not even five minutes. Aim 2 Health LLC ..... and their and Thank YOU! Not one bump or blister, she has perfect skin when we go outside now. I will continue to purchase! Thank you so much!!! Tonya Hayes, NH

Itchy Eyelids Before & After

Attached are two photos. I was having terribly itchy eyelids and did a bit of looking around on the internet and came across your website. I took a photos every day or two for two weeks after using the Face and Neck Cream and after two weeks my eyes were healed! My eyes are great now and they have been great for two months or more now. Thank you for this great product. I have bought if for my mother and given some to my sister-in-law. Love it....! Sarah

Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis Before & After

Hi there, my name is Leanne and for some time I had been suffering from extreme sebhorreic dermatitis all over my face, particularly my t-zone, around my nose and mouth and chin. After MANY hydrocortizone cream applications and a LOT of research, I came across your website and your Face & Neck TheraCream.

Before I go any further I just want to say an enormous THANK YOU for producing such a miracle cream! It truly is amazing and it began working as soon as I put it on my face! I had been so uncomfortable, itchy and embarrassed for so long that I didnt think there was any hope, but this cream has restored my face back to normal again and my skin is lovelier than ever. I'm also thrilled that all the products are natural so this cream is an absolute godsend, thank you! I believe in your products so much that it would be a privilege to sell it on your behalf and spread the word to the UK! There's just not enough time to say all the wonderful things I'd like to say about your products! Please find attached my before and after photos of my skin condition - I hope they will be of some use to you on your website. With warmest thanks Leanne S., London

Baby Facial Rash & Acne Before & After

"We brought our baby to the doctor because he was breaking out so bad and she said he had baby acne and a little bit of seborrhea, and all we could do was wait it out. I desperately searched the Internet as my baby's skin seemed to get worse and stumbled upon your site. I decided to try your Face & Neck TheraCream and only a couple days after using it I started to see a difference! So glad to have found this product!" E.R., Minneapolis

Baby Eczema Before & After

The My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream and the Double Strength TheraCream are AMAZING. When my 2 month old developed eczema so that his little cheeks and behind his knees, and random other spots were always raw, I tried anything and everything to avoid using steroids. After trying seemingly everything ($30+ lotions, every possible brand), I finally caved and started using hydrocortisone, because it was the only thing that helped. With continued research, I found that urea often helps... so I searched for lotion with urea and found Aim 2 Health. Thank goodness! I haven't had to use steroid cream since (and he's 3 now)! I use the My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream on both my kids daily, but if we go without for a couple days (usually when my husband is in charge) and they get a flare-up, we use the Double Strength TheraCream. LOVE these products. I don't have eczema, but it's my favorite lotion - so moisturizing and not at all greasy. Thank you so much!!! Anna Holden

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