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Double Strength TheraCream with 20% Urea

Double Strength TheraCream For Skin & Scalp Problems

20% Shea Butter & 20% Urea Extra-Strength Formula
Super Repair Cream

Designed to restore deeply dry, cracked, flaky skin that won't go away. Quickly works on psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis conditions and much more.Our extra-strength cream is specially formulated for the thicker skin of the elbows, knees, feet & scalp but can be used anywhere you have severe problem skin. Acts as a natural protective barrier to lock in moisture and keep the skin germ and bacteria free.

  • Deepest Layers: When dry, cracked, split skin becomes hardened and seemingly impenetrable-such as on the elbows, knees, feet, ears and scalp, this extra-strength formula goes to work to go down into the 7 layers of the skin to begin restoring damaged skin. Our formula has anti-itch properties as well.

    This hard working formula helps any area of the skin that has become "resistant" to the many products many of us try.

  • Shea Butter: Double Strength TheraCream contains shea butter, urea and valuable vitamins and herbal botanicals formulated to hydrate damaged skin and is an ultra restorative and moisturizing skin care formula.

    Dry skin/scalp, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes foot, sunburn, and burns are all soothed by natural shea butter. It has an anti-elastase characteristic which makes it an excellent active ingredient against stretch marks.

    Organic Shea Butter can be considered a natural vitamin A cream. Vitamin A contributes to organic shea butter’s ability to help soothe and smooth the skin.

    Organic Shea Butter is also rich in Vitamin E. This allows the shea butter to 1)increase circulation and blood flow to the skin thereby allowing more oxygen to reach the tissues and 2) serve as an anti-oxidant to prevent skin damage caused by free radicals.

  • Urea: Also included in our formulation is urea which has been medically proven in various clinical studies to have extraordinary anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that helps promote fast healing of dry, cracked, split skin, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne and other types of problem skin.

    In a clinical study, urea has been proven to heal serious wounds and burns without any scarring. Further studies have shown that in addition to its' anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities, urea also has anti-itch properties that have a very rapid effect on problematic red itchy skin rashes.

    Urea replenishes the water content of the skin because it binds hydrogen and attracts moisture to the skin in a way that no mineral oil or glycerine-based lotions or creams can.

    True Humectant: You see, the body uses manufactured urea in the same way as the urea naturally found in healthy skin. Scientists call it a true "humectant" because it is an important component of the body's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Urea causes hard dry skin cells to "unpack" and expose their water binding sites, thereby enabling the cell to absorb and retain additional moisture. Several independent clinical investigations and studies prove that it works. By virtue of it's inherent qualities, our urea skin cream produces superior results.

    These two superior ingredients combined with soothing vitamins and herbal botanicals produce a skin cream that is truly unsurpassed in it's ability to hydrate and replenish much needed moisture to dry, cracked skin.

  • For Severe Dry Patchy Scalp Conditions: If you are experiencing dry patchy scalp symptoms with white flaky patches or red dot like patches then follow this routine: At night before bedtime, rub our Double Strength TheraCream into the parts of the scalp affected with the patches. Allow to absorb overnight into the 7 layers of scalp tissue and wash hair in the morning with our Herbal Shampoo Treatment. Repeat as necessary until the problem is gone.
  • For Hair Loss In Men As Well As Women: Follow the same procedure as above but more frequently to unpack the dry, damaged cells that lie 7 layers beneath the scalp surface. This is critical in bringing balance back to the scalp so that the hair folicles can thrive and further hair loss can be prevented. May also stimulate a rejuvenation of hair growth due to this restored balance as our many customers have experienced.

Leg Psoriasis Before & After

I have used various OTC and prescription steroid creams on my ankle and leg psoriasis for over a year with little success. In fact, my psoriasis worsened after I stopped the steroid creams. Searching for a non-steroid alternative, I discovered the Double Strength TheraCream online and ordered it. To my amazement, I started see improvement in just a few days. This cream is much thicker than any creams I've found in stores and absorbs quickly especially right after bathing while the skin is still moist. My psoriasis was very crusty and itched terribly and, as you can see, my psoriasis has improved remarkably after applying the TheraCream daily for about 7 weeks. I'm sold on this cream and highly recommend it. Mari from Texas

Baby Eczema Before & After

The My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream and the Double Strength TheraCream are AMAZING. When my 2 month old developed eczema so that his little cheeks and behind his knees, and random other spots were always raw, I tried anything and everything to avoid using steroids. After trying seemingly everything ($30+ lotions, every possible brand), I finally caved and started using hydrocortisone, because it was the only thing that helped. With continued research, I found that urea often helps... so I searched for lotion with urea and found Aim 2 Health. Thank goodness! I haven't had to use steroid cream since (and he's 3 now)! I use the My Daughter's Hand & Body TheraCream on both my kids daily, but if we go without for a couple days (usually when my husband is in charge) and they get a flare-up, we use the Double Strength TheraCream. LOVE these products. I don't have eczema, but it's my favorite lotion - so moisturizing and not at all greasy. Thank you so much!!! Anna Holden

Skin Rash & Eczema Before & After

Hi Nanette, I have had this skin rash or eczema for almost 2 years.... & constant itching made it worse. I tried a few herbal natural remedies but they did not work. I also tried milk thistle to cleanse the liver & kidney but they still did not help my eczema. After searching & searching on the web for more natural remedies, I found your website. So I ordered your Double Strength TheraCream and your Herbal Shampoo Treatment and I continued to apply the cream 2-3 times per day. After 15 days my eczema is getting better & the horrible itching is almost gone. Here are my pictures after 15 days and I am thrilled to say that the back of my neck is healing very nicely. Thank you so much Nanette for developing healthy alternatives in skin care that actually works.....I appreciate it very much! Warmly, Jinga

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