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Are TOXINS Preventing You From LOSING WEIGHT?

Have you ever tried to lose weight by reducing calories, changing your diet and exercising like crazy and still couldn't seem to lose much weight? Well, you are not alone. The fact is, is that most people are walking around with 10 to 15 pounds of impacted fecal matter in their colon and don't even realize it.

Here's how TOXINS can hinder your weight loss:
1) Toxins can affect many hormones involved in your metabolism including insulin, leptin, ghrelin, thyroid, cortisol and many others.
2) Toxins can increase inflammatory mediators which can then affect insulin resistance, leptin resistance (leptin inhibits appetite) and appetite.
3) Toxins can affect mitochondrial function by damaging certain enzymes that affect fatty acid oxidation and thermogenesis, reducing your ability to burn fat.
4) Toxins increase the workload of your liver.
5) Toxins hide out in fatty tissue in order to protect vital organs.

So what can you do to get rid of these damaging toxins that are preventing you from losing weight? The simple answer is: Find a great Intestinal Cleansethat truly works and CLEANSE YOUR BOWELS.
By cleansing your bowels you are not only helping to remove the 10 to 15 pounds of impacted fecal matter but you are providing a pathway for the stored toxins that are in your fat tissue and also circulating in your blood stream, to be removed. This is a super life hack and real game changer.

Cleanse Your Intestines And Lose Weight