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We love sharing testimonials that our customers from around the globe send in to us! We hope you find them encouraging and valuable as well!

Scalp Rash & Hair Loss Before & After

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Pemphigus Vulgaris. I had extensive mouth, scalp, nose, throat and skin ulcers and blisters. I had serious allergies to topical medications prescribed and the condition worsened. One month before diagnosis and treatment with prednisone I started using your Herbal Treatment Shampoo and my scalp began healing! By the time I started prednisone to put the condition in remission my scalp was nearly clear with a small area of damaged skin that I applied Double Thera cream to nightly. I hope the hair I lost will grow back in. I am continuing to use Double Thera cream on my body as well to help heal and fade the skin damaged by ulcers. I am so grateful to have effective products like yours for healing! L.M., CA, USA

Dry Scalp & Hair Loss Before & After

My problem was dry scalp & hair loss. I used your products and took before and after pictures. I hope this helps others to see what your products can do! Many Thanks!

Scalp & Ear Psoriasis Before & After

When I came to you I told you that I had psoriasis on my scalp for a year and nothing I had tried helped. All the different products I used had actually dried out my scalp and hair to the point of breaking and damaging my hair. I followed the program you recommended and in just a few days, my scalp was beginning to get better and one other thing I didn't tell you when I first saw you was that I also had psoriasis just behind my right ear. Well, that cleared up too! Natural and pure remedies are now what I prefer. J.R.,Fort Lauderdale, FL

Last year I started to develop the worst case of dandruff in my life!! I tried shampoo after shampoo and NOTHING HELPED! I even started to lose my hair and that's when I had had just about enough! I came to you and you told me to use the Double Strength TheraCream at night and the shampoo whenever I washed my hair. I can't even begin to tell you the difference these made to my scalp and hair almost immediately! In 2 weeks all of the scales were gone and my scalp restored.....thank you, thank you, thank you! K.P., Australia

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